S-STEEL structural engineering automated design and analysis software for steel frame construction s-steel structural design

S-STEEL™  (Structural Steel Design)

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steel structural design

Steel Structural Design and Optimization Solution

Use S-STEEL to design an entire steel structure or just a subset. Code check and auto design steel members for both strength and serviceability. S-STEEL supports numerous international steel design codes and an extensive range of optimization criteria and constraints. Full feature reports features interactive formulas, equations, and graphics. Now fully integrated within S-FRAME Analysis to improve workflow efficiency.

S-STEEL Features and Capabilities
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New for Release 11

S-STEEL R11 is now seamlessly integrated within the S-FRAME Analysis GUI environment.

Improve workflow efficiency by working within S-FRAME 's GUI with support for linear static, response spectrum, linear and nonlinear time history (including base and multi-support base motion), linear and non-linear moving-load analyses, and the new Staged Construction Module. Access all S-FRAME's features including the new S-VIEW feature while performing steel design code checking and optimization.

Design , Optimize and View Steel Structures within S-FRAME

Steel hanger model courtesy of
KGS Group Consulting Eng.
S-VIEW image S-FRAME and S-STEEL integration S-VIEW image  
R11 New Features
• S-FRAME and S-STEEL are integrated in one common environment
• Support for design of composite floors added to S16-09 Code
• New Composite Beam Support for:
    *  CISC S16-09 and AISC 360-10 LRFD/ASD codes*  Positive and negative bending moments
    *  Partial or full composite sections*  Shored and un-shored construction
    *  Metal deck configurations*  Parallel and perpendicular ribs
    *  Multiple concrete strengths and densities can be specified*  Strength and Serviceability checks
    *  Available for both automated Design and Code Check input windows*  Accounts for shrinkage and creep
    *  Automatic calculation of "Stud Capacity" and "Number of Studs Required" over shear span
• New Staged Construction Analysis and Design Module
• Span deflection limits can be assigned to each member, including cantilever members
• Assign member attributes to distinguish cantilever members from doubly supported interior members for service level deflection checks
• New design support the Hong Kong Use of Steel (SUOS05 and SUOS11)
• It is now possible to select only those Service Loads for which deflection checks are required