Structural analysis and design software solutions

Visit the top of a skyscraper, sit in a sports stadium, drive over a bridge, walk through a warehouse, factory, school, or any large structure, and know you’re on solid footing because it is engineered to be structurally sound.  Since 1981 S-FRAME Software’s contributing role in this essential engineering process is to develop and support structural analysis and structural design software solutions.

Our structural engineering solutions evaluates a structure’s ability to withstand applied loads and assess that structure’s ability to meet local design code requirements.


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who is s-frame software?


Why are we called S-FRAME Software?

“S” is for spacial frames, hence the name S-FRAME, first released in 1987. Since then S-FRAME Analysis has evolved into a powerful, 3D finite element structural analysis software platform that includes STEEL Design, CONCRETE Design, FOUNDATION Design, and TIMBER Design

Our mission is to provide software that helps structural engineers produce Robust Designs: designs less sensitive to loading variations and deviations from the intended design specifications during a structure’s life cycle. Our software evaluates your model’s response to wind, snow, water, linear, non-linear, seismic, blast, self-weight, moving loads or other dynamic loading conditions.


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Supporting over 10,000 clients working in 70+ countries, our team of developers and application engineers, most who are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers, are committed to providing best-in-class technical support.


      • Skyscrapers
      • Airport Terminals
      • Domes and Sports Arenas
      • Infrastructure Retrofitting


      • Hotels
      • Office Buildings
      • Bridges
      • Rail and Transit


      • Oil and Gas Plants
      • Parking Structures
      • Inflatable Structures
      • Chemical Plants


      • Industrial Plants
      • Warehouses
      • Utility Plants
      • Offshore Structures