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S-CALC Section Property Calculator

s-calc cross sectional property calculator

Increase productivity and design accuracy with S-CALC, a powerful cross-section property calculator. Useful for simple, complex or multi-material sections, S-CALC is fully integrated with S-FRAME Analysis.

   S-CALC Design Features and Capabilities
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S-CALC Section Property Calculator

  Select from a comprehensive section property list including Shear Center, Shear Area, Torsional Constant and Warping Constant and the newly added Principal Elastic Section Modulus

Automatically calculate geometric, polar, plastic, principal, shear, and torsion properties about the centroid or reference axis. Elastic, plastic and principal axes are displayed in the visual editor. Choose between database values, various closed form solutions, polygon calculation or Finite Element Analysis

  Large variety of databases and parametric shapes including the latest CISC and AISC databases

Select from numerous international steel databases with support for Metric and Imperial units, and displayed in region appropriate nomenclature. Define your own sections by customizing from an extensive parametric shape list.Polygon shape lets users draw shapes by hand, and the built-up shapes tool combines shapes for efficient creation of capped, plated, mirrored and crossed sections.

 Support for Multi-Material Sections

Create multi-material sections from a variety of included or user-defined materials and calculate properties based on the chosen reference material.

  Multi-format IO for easy transfer to S-FRAME, CAD, BIM or various structural analysis programs

Support for a variety of formats including DXF, Revit, TEL and TBL. Powerful DXF features allow import control over sections, layers and shapes. Auto-connect lines and acs into section polygons. Automatically convert disparate unit systems and perform joint tolerance checks to unsure model connectivity. Import Revit section shapes and export calculated properties to S-FRAME.

 Automation: Python IDE and .NET API

Built-in IDE with autocomplete allows automation of any workflow right from the S-CALC user interface using the Python scripting language. Alternatively, the included .NET API allows access to all of the S-CALC functionality in your .NET programs.

 Multi Language Support

Available in German, or customize S-CALC by creating your own language or updating an existing language

 Flexible and customizable multi-windowed user interface

 Powerful report generation with support for PDF and Excel

+ view     User Interface

   •   Intuitive visual editor
   •   Context-sensitive HTML based help
   •   Save user settings and window layout
   •   Auto-save backups
   •   Solver output window for FEA
   •   Customizable Multi Language support
   •   Multi-monitor support
   •   One click email support
+ view    Steel Section Databases

   •  CISC
   •  AISC
   •  Australia
   •  Japan
   •  Asia
   •  Europe
   •  UK
   •  Perwaja
   •  South Africa
+ view     Creating Shapes

   •  9 Database steel sections
   •  51 Customizable Parametric shapes
   •  Built-up shape builder
   •  Snap-to-grid and snap-to-shapes
   •  Polygon shape for complex sections
   •  Optional fillets and rounded corners
+ view    Section Properties

   •  Area
   •  Elastic Section Modulus
   •  Mass
   •  Moment of Inertia
   •  Perimeter
   •  Plastic Axes
   •  Plastic Section Modulus
   •  Polar Moment of Inertia
   •  Polar Radius of Gyration
   •  Principal Axes
   •  Principal Elastic Section Modulus
   •  Principal Moment of Inertia
   •  Principal Radius of Gyration
   •  Radius of Gyration
   •  Shear Area
   •  Shear Center
   •  Stress Points
   •  Torsional Constant
   •  Warping Constant
+ view    Automation

   •  Built-in Python IDE
   •  Auto-complete
   •  NET DLL for API cccess
   •  Included tutorial scripts
   •  Batch-run for scripts
   •  Logs of scripting activity
+ view    Finite Element Analysis

   •  Shear Center
   •  Shear Area
   •  Fused shapes
   •  Torsion Constant
   •  Warping Constant
   •  32 and 64 bit solvers
   •  Thin-Walled FEA
   •  General FEA
+ view    Reporting Features

    •  Report Data Include:
         Title Page
         Table of Contents
         User data
         U3D rendering
         Shape Dimensions
         Section Properties
+ view    Import/Export File Formats

   •  DXF
   •  Revit
   •  TEL
   •  TBL
   •  DSP
   •  SFRM
   •  EXCEL, CSV
   •  PDF
   •  HTML
s-calc datasheet

S-CALC Datasheet


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