S-CONCRETE structural engineering code check software for reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls S-FRAME SOFTWARE

S-CONCRETE (Concrete Section Design)

concrete section design

Concrete Section Design and Optimization

Design, detail and optimize reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls with comprehensive design code implementations.

An industry standard, S-CONCRETE executes code checks and automated designs in an easy-to-use, interactive environment. View immediate feedback as design parameters are changed. Run simultaneous design code checks on multiple sections in batch mode. Comprehensive design reports generated by S-CONCRETE include clause references, intermediate results and diagrams.

S-CONCRETE supports axial, shear, moment and torsional loads and considers true axial force-biaxial bending interaction relations to produce detailed interaction diagrams with applied forces plotted on top of capacity curves to reflect the performance of the analyzed section. S-CONCRETE also incorporates seismic design and ductility provisions and the ability to export designs to DXF file formats with the reinforcement layout, including primary and secondary bars, ties and stirrups.

S-FRAME Analysis Release 11.1 and later integrates reinforced concrete section design via the Integrated Concrete Design (ICD) option. ICD enables users to build, analyze and edit concrete models, run code checks, perform design group optimizations and automatically generate detailed design reports.

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New for Release 2018

Support for section design according to ACI 318-14, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. Includes the following features:  
• Support for design of beam, column, and wall sections.  
• True axial force versus biaxial moment interaction.  
• Biaxial shear  
• Torsion  
• Slenderness effects  
• Composite columns  
• Wall seismic provisions  
• Boundary elements by displacement and stress methods  
• Reinforcement detailing checks  
• Crack control checks  
• Support for Batch Processing mode  

New for Release 2017

Support for section design according to CSA A23.3-14, Design of Concrete Structures
Shear and Torsion Evaluation improvements/corrections for beam and column sections that impact ACI, CSA, BS, and CP design codes
New utilization ratios have been introduced to more accurately describe the section status with regard to shear and torsion
Improvements and corrections to shear and torsion evaluation of beams and columns
Support for Design of Walls to Eurocode 2 - EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of Concrete Structures

New for Release 11.2.3

Support for Beam Design to Eurocode 2 - EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of Concrete Structures:  
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with code recommended design parameters.  
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with UK National Annex.  
• True Axial Force versus Biaxial Moment Interaction.  
• Longitudinal Steel Requirements for Shear and Torsion.  
• Shear and Torsion Reinforcement Detailing Checks.  
• Bar spacing checks  
• Crack Width Calculation for Beam Top, Bottom, and Skin Regions.  
• Minimum Reinforcement for Crack Control  

New for Release 11.1

• ACI 318-11 Design Code support for beams, columns, and walls  
• Automated Design of sections in Batch Processing Mode  
• Enhancements and error fixes  

New for Release 11


S-CONCRETE R11 includes a new batch mode capability for simultaneously code checking multiple columns, beams and shear walls, thereby improving design efficiency.
Release 11 supports the following design codes: ACI 318-08, 05, 02, & 99,
EN 1991-1-1-2004, CSA A23.3-04 & 94, BS 8110:1997 & 1985, UBC 1997, CP 65:1999.

Column Design to Eurocode 2 - EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of Concrete Structures  
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with Code Recommended Design Parameters  
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with UK National Annex  
• Slenderness Effects by two methods:
     Nominal Stiffness Method and the Nominal Curvature Method
• Imperfection Effects and Minimum Moments  
• True Axial Force-Biaxial Moment Interaction
• Optimal Strut Inclination Angle for Shear and Torsion Interaction  
• Shear and Torsion Reinforcement Detailing Checks  
• Column Transverse and Longitudinal Reinforcement Detailing Checks  
New Batch processing mode
• Groups of S-CONCRETE data files (.SCO) can be processed in a batch mode, without interaction with the graphical user interface  
• Full results saved to one text file for each group  
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