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S-LINE  (Continuous Concrete Beam Design)

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Continuous Concrete Beam Design and Optimization Solution

Analyze, design and detailing continuous reinforced concrete beams. S-LINE's versatility allows code checking and automated design and detailing to multiple design codes for a variety of section types.


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Use S-LINE DESIGN to code check a variety of section types including: T-beams, L-beams, rectangular beams, and slab bands. Code checking includes strength and serviceability requirements for short- and long-term (cracked section) deflection estimations. S-LINE can automatically generate pattern loading and load combinations with the option to perform moment redistributions. Graphical output, including capacity envelopes on shear, moment, and torsion diagrams, provides clear, easy-to-read results.

S-LINE Features


Improved Operation

Option to manually enter specific values for the elastic modulus (Ec) and shear modulus (Gc) to be assigned to the beam and support members. Alternatively the program will automatically estimate Ec and Gc using the specified building standard or code. This allows modification of the analysis model and gives the engineer more flexibility in terms of shifting the bending moment and shear diagrams to and away from the supports.

•  Support for ACI 318-08, 05, 02 & 99, CSA-A23.3-04 & 94, BS 8110:1997 & 1985, CP65:1999

•  Support for fiber-reinforced concrete beams (ACI 318-08 only) with implications on minimum shear reinforcing requirements

•  T-beams, L-beams, slab bands and rectangular beams

•  Rectangular and circular columns as well as girder supports

•  Standard and user defined reinforcing styles are available

•  Superb interactive visual editor. Simply drag lines to change dimensions or click on hot-spots to change reinforcing

•  Automatic design with beam section and/or reinforcement optimization

•  Combined moment, shear and torsion design for all codes

•  CSA-A23.3 simplified or general method of shear and torsion design

•  American, British, Canadian, Korean, Singaporean, or define your own set of reinforcing bars (Custom Bars)

•  Quality output to AutoCAD® and Microsoft Word®

•  Automatic generation of pattern loading and load combinations

•  Full graphical output including capacity envelopes on shear, moment and torsion diagrams

•  Apply distributed or concentrated vertical and torsional loads on members

•  Short term and long term (cracked section) deflection evaluation

•  Apply moment redistribution


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Beam Sections

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