S-STEEL structural engineering automated design and analysis software for steel frame construction s-steel structural design

S-STEELĀ  (Structural Steel Design)

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s-steel design

Steel Structural Design and Optimization Solution

Use S-STEEL to automatically design an entire steel structure or just a subset for strength and serviceability. S-STEEL supports numerous international steel design codes and an extensive range of optimization criteria and constraints.

Automatically generated engineering reports feature interactive formulas, equations, and graphics.

Fully integrated within S-FRAME Analysis for maximum efficiency.

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S-STEEL operates seamlessly within the S-FRAME Analysis GUI environment, maximizing work flow efficiency with support for

  • Staged Construction
  • Composite beam design
  • linear static analysis
  • response spectrum analysis
  • linear and nonlinear time history (including base and multi-support base motion) analysis
  • linear and non-linear moving-load analyses

Access all S-FRAME's features including S-VIEW while performing steel design code checking and optimization.

Design, Optimize and View Steel Structures within S-FRAME

Steel hanger model courtesy of
KGS Group Consulting Eng.
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Design Codes


BS 5950
EC3 Hong Kong Steel
EC3 Singapore Annex NZS 3404

New for 2017 Release

Calculation of Pass Through Forces used in steel connection design

New Warping Constraint tool added to facilitate torsion design

Torsion design of all closed and open sections supported for AISC 360-10 and AISC 360-16 (ASD and LRFD), CSA S16-14 and EC3 codes.

New support for AISC 360-16 (ASD and LRFD) and new revisions to the Update No.1 of CSA S16-14 design codes

s-steel steel desing model

R11 New Features
• S-FRAME and S-STEEL are integrated in one common environment
• Support for design of composite floors added to S16-09 Code
• New Composite Beam Support for:
    *  CISC S16-09 and AISC 360-10 LRFD/ASD codes *  Positive and negative bending moments
    *  Partial or full composite sections *  Shored and un-shored construction
    *  Metal deck configurations *  Parallel and perpendicular ribs
    *  Multiple concrete strengths and densities can be specified *  Strength and Serviceability checks
    *  Available for both automated Design and Code Check input windows *  Accounts for shrinkage and creep
    *  Automatic calculation of "Stud Capacity" and "Number of Studs Required" over shear span
• New Staged Construction Analysis and Design Module
• Span deflection limits can be assigned to each member, including cantilever members
• Assign member attributes to distinguish cantilever members from doubly supported interior members for service level deflection checks
• New design support the Hong Kong Use of Steel (SUOS05 and SUOS11)
• It is now possible to select only those Service Loads for which deflection checks are required