S-CALC Feature List


S-CALC Section PropertiesStandard
Torsional Constant
Warping Constant
Shear Center
Shear Area
Principal/Reference Axis
Elastic/Plastic Neutral Axis
Section Modulus (Elastic/Plastic/Principal)
Moment of Inertia (Elastic/Polar/Principal/Reference)
Product of Inertia
Radius of Gyration (Elastic/Polar/Principal/Reference)
Stress Points
Centroid Position
S-CALC Shape DefinitionStandard
Steel Section Databases
Parametric Shapes
- Angle (corner/single/double/Y-Angle)
- Arc and Sector
- Basic Shapes
- Bridge Shapes
- Bridge Girders
- Bridge Decks
- I-Beam
- Channel
- Cold Formed Shapes (C/Z/Hat/PLU/Polygon)
- Hollow Shapes
- Rail Shapes
- Reinforced Concrete Shape
- Tee Shapes
- Z Shapes
Built-up Shapes (Mirror/Plate/Cap/Cruciform)
User-defined Polygon
Polygon Merge and Cut
Optional fillets and rounded corners
Composite Shapes
Snap-to-grid and snap-to-shapes
S-CALC Section DatabasesStandard
South Africa
S-CALC Analysis MethodsStandard
Database Values
Close-Form Solutions
Polygon Algorithms
Thin-Wall FEA (shell elements)
General FEA (solid elements)
S-CALC User Interface FeaturesStandard
Intuitive visual editor
Configurable window layout
Multi-monitor support
FEA Solver Output window
Context-sensitive help window
Script Editor and Script Output
S-CALC Automation CapabilitiesStandard
Built-in script editor
Create scripts automatically from recording user input
Export, reuse and share user-defined actions with scripts
.NET DLL for API Access
Tutorial scripts including Optimization and Design
S-CALC Reporting FeaturesStandard
Customizable reports
Report output in Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV file formats
User data, shape dimensions, section properties and section images
S-CALC Data Import and ExportStandard
S-FRAME: Import and Export geometry, material and section property data
CSV files: Import and Export geometry, material and section property data
Revit: Import and Export geometry, material and section property data
AutoCAD DXF: Import and Export geometry data