Structural Analysis and Timber Design

Model, analyze and design timber structures. S-TIMBER efficiently integrates Concrete, Foundation and Steel design as well as BIM and DXF data sharing links within a single work environment to ensure maximum productivity.

Run a performance assessment to design and optimize Dimension Lumber, Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam) and Cross-Laminated timber members, as well as timber Shearwall and Diaphragms systems.

Feature strengths found in our other design solutions are available for timber design, including automatic mesh generation and model management, automatic section and material property calculations, and built-in automation and customization capabilities.

Built on the proven S-FRAME FEASolver analysis engine, S-TIMBER generates linear and advanced non-linear results for timber-concrete-steel structures.

Analyze and Design

Members and Panels

Perform 3D linear static, nonlinear static, or vibration analysis of timber, steel, and concrete structures.

Code-check and design Sawn Lumber, Glulam and CLT members with consideration for notches, bearing areas and boreholes, material take-off and cost.

S-TIMBER utilizes proven S-FRAME FEASolver™ technology trusted by engineers for over 35 years.

Shearwalls, Stud Walls and Joist Diaphragm Systems

Model wall and floor systems with easy-to-use timber systems creation. The modeling environment provides full control over timber properties and details of wall or floor systems, including the material and species, joist or stud spacing and section properties.

S-TIMBER’s shearwall and diaphragm tools support openings, plywood and OSB sheathings, and a fully customizable sheathing-to-framing fasteners database.

Shearwalls and diaphragms can be code-checked against shear and overturning moment.
Individual studs or joists can be chosen to be code-checked against member demands.

Automated Mesh Generation

S-TIMBER automatically generates and manages the underlying finite element model, including panel meshes, panel strip lines, and member physical and rigid offsets.

Advanced, controllable meshing algorithms take into account framing and internal joints/members/panels, non-coplanar panel intersections, member clear/full spans and, panel coordinate systems, while still giving the user complete control over the mesh.

Member bearing areas and effective lengths are automatically generated from framing members.

Automatic Section and Material Property Calculations

Automatically calculate section properties based on nominal dimensions, number of plies/layers, grades, timber condition and treatment for Parametric Sawn lumber, Glulam and CLT sections.

Define custom sections and materials to allow for non-standard sizes and capacities.

Optional S-CALC™ integration for advanced complex or multi-material sections.

timber design stress contours


Graphical Results

Visualize and animate the model results, including

  • deflections
  • forces
  • moments and stresses with member diagrams
  • strip line diagrams
  • panel contours

Quickly visualize code check utilizations and view diagrams for all, one, or selected groups of members/strip lines.

S-TIMBER Model Management

Work efficiently with large and small models by organizing the model objects (beams, columns, walls, and floors) into custom folders.

Easily define data filters to isolate areas of interest and hide, show or select objects.

User-defined color-coded properties help to quickly visualize different model components, (especially useful for large models).

Quickly alternate between model views: Finite Element, Physical Element, Object (real world), Framing or Resultant views.

timber design model views

S-TIMBER Automation and Customization

Expand core functionality and increase efficiency by creating reusable, shareable work-flows and processes.

Record, modify and save user actions into custom S-TIMBER Wizards. Every object, property, and operation in S-TIMBER is available to automate and customize.

S-TIMBER Import/Export and 3rd Party Integration

Import and export models from and to S-FRAME Analysis.

DXF data transfer allows for model exchange from Revit™ and Tekla™ software.

Export to Excel™ the structure’s model data, analysis and design results, material quantities, member diagrams, and strip line diagrams.

Timber Design Codes

  • CSA O86-14

Sawn lumber Code Checks

  • Axial Compression and Tension
  • Bending
  • Bending Plus Axial
  • Bearing
  • Bearing at Support
  • Compressive Resistance at Angle
  • Fracture Shear
  • Shear
  • Two Way Bending
  • Deflection

Glulam Code Checks

  • Axial Compression and Tension
  • Bending
  • Bending Plus Axial
  • Bearing
  • Bearing at Support
  • Compressive Resistance at Angle
  • Fracture Shear
  • Shear
  • Total Shear (from external loads)
  • Two Way Bending
  • Deflection

CLT Code Checks

  • Axial Compression
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Deflection



S-TIMBER licenses are available as standalone or multi-seat networked installations, with a subscription or paid-up option. We offer multi-seat and discount licensing bundles for all our software products. Get help selecting the best choice for your organization

S-TIMBER System Requirements

  • PC-based: Windows® 10, 8, or 7
  • Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing


S-FRAME Software has been in the business of developing and supporting structural analysis and design solutions for over 30 years. Clients who purchase S-TIMBER are entitled to annual support and maintenance benefits.

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