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The Ultimate Section Property Calculator

Increase productivity and design accuracy with S-CALC, a comprehensive section property calculator.

Ideal for sections having complex geometry and multiple materials, S-CALC calculates over 16 distinct section properties.

Generate cross-section properties using different calculation methods: database values, closed-form solutions, FEA methods and more.

Easily define models in S-CALC’s graphical editor or import geometry, material and section property data from AutoCAD® DXF and Revit® files.

Produce detailed engineering reports that include all section properties, geometry, material and graphics.

S-CALC’s Easy Shape Definition 3 Ways

  1. Easily define sections by selecting shapes from built-in steel databases (USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and more), all with support for Metric and Imperial units.
  2. Create custom sections by modifying any shape selected from an extensive shape library. Shapes include standard shapes, shapes with holes, hollow shapes, cold formed sections, reinforced concrete sections, bridge sections, rail sections, and user-defined polygons.
    Save time by using automated compound shapes that make it easy to define built-up shapes, including capped, plated, mirrored and crossed sections.
    Explode compound shapes into multiple child shapes to gain further control over dimensions, positions, and materials.
  3. Import shape definitions from a file using powerful, built-in data transfer links with AutoCAD® DXF and Revit® files.

Section Properties and Calculation Methods

s-calc sections
  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Mass
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Monosymmetry Constant
  • Principal Moment of Inertia
  • Polar Moment of Inertia
  • Principal Axes
  • Plastic Axes
  • Plastic Section Modulus
  • Elastic Section Modulus
  • Principle Elastic Section Modulus
  • Shear Center
  • Shear Area
  • Stress Points
  • Radius of Gyration
  • Principal Radius of Gyration
  • Polar Radius of Gyration
  • Torsional Constant
  • Warping Constant
section property calculations for imported thin walled sections

section property calculates for regular polygon mutli-material concrete section

Generate over 16 section properties calculated about the centroid or any reference axis. Control the calculation method with options to use database values, closed-form solutions, proprietary polygon algorithms, or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods.

Quickly compare the results from the various methods in spreadsheet form to make engineering judgments.

Multi-Material and Composite Sections

Create multi-material sections and calculate properties based on the chosen reference material. Calculate Shear Area and Torsional Constant using Superposition.

Use default materials including steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and iron, or change the materials to any custom values.

Custom materials can be exported into libraries and then imported into any S-CALC file.

S-CALC Integration with S-FRAME solutions and other 3rd party software

Easily transfer geometry, material and section property data between S-CALC and S-FRAME Analysis or S-TIMBER. Additionally import and export data with AutoCAD® DXF, or Revit®

S-CALC automatically converts disparate unit systems and performs point tolerance checks during import to ensure model connectivity.

Through automation and customization, data can be imported from, or exported to, any other structural analysis program. Any property can be exported or set from the imported data. Data can be used to create new sections and materials.

S-CALC Automation and Customization Capabilities

Automate any process or workflow and distribute it across your organization.

Save time automating repetitive or iterative processes like section sizing, scanning databases for appropriate sections, reporting, file read/write operations or FEA settings by creating automation tasks with the built-in S-CALC API and Integrated Development Environment. Optionally directly integrate our API into your .NET project.

S-CALC Reports

Easily generate detailed engineering reports suitable for presentations and organized into easy to read tables.

Reports contain

  • company-branded cover page, table of contents
  • cross-section graphics
  • all section geometry and section properties grouped by type and material properties

Optionally export report data to an Excel file format for easy data access and manipulation.

S-CALC report image

S-CALC report excel file image

S-CALC Purchasing

S-CALC Feature List

For a full list of all the S-CALC section property calculator’s capabilities, including data transfer compatibility with 3rd party software, visit the link below.


S-CALC licenses are sold as standalone or multi-seat networked installations, with a subscription or paid-up option.

We offer multi-seat and discount licensing bundles for all our software products. Get help selecting the best option for your organization.



section properties for a compound shape

S-CALC System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (64-bit version) operating system
  • Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing

S-CALC Support

All S-CALC licenses sales include Enhancement & Support for the first year (paid-up licenses) or the duration of the subscription terms. Enhancement & Support benefits include:

  • Email and telephone client support backed by the industry’s most dedicated and responsive engineering team.
  • Access to all new releases
  • Flexible licensing adaptive for all office installation configurations from standalone installation, local area network to Global Wide Area licensing.

Clients can renew Enhancement and Support on a yearly basis, which entitles clients to phone or email support and any product updates or new release.

Newly Added Capabilities and Enhancements

S-CALC 2020, 2019

New Section Property: Calculation of Monosymmetry Constant, Beta X

New Modeling Features

  • Create reinforced concrete sections using ellipse, polygon or regular polygon shapes
  • Define rebar group configurations and locations independently of the encasing concrete shape
  • Reinforced Concrete shapes can be exploded into User Compound shapes for full control over individual rebar dimensions, positions, and materials
  • Built-Up shapes and Automatic Compound shapes can be exploded into User Compound shapes for full control over the child shapes’ dimensions, positions, and materials

Support for Revit™ 2020, 2019 and 2018 data transfer

Improved Python Automation Scripting Features