Design and Detail Reinforced Concrete Walls, Columns and Beams

Quickly design and detail reinforced-concrete column, beam and wall sections to multiple design codes including ACI, CSA, EC2, BS and more. Optimize a single section design or evaluate thousands of concrete sections at once.

S-CONCRETE’s comprehensive code checks go well beyond the strength of the concrete section, with support for axial, shear, and moment loads, including torsion on sections. Generate axial force-moment interaction (P-M) curves with true axial force and bi-axial bending calculations based on strain compatibility of the section. Applied forces are plotted on capacity curves to view designed section’s performance readily.
Automatic and immediate feedback for the engineer is displayed as design parameters are changed. Not a black-box solution: detailed reports include section utilization status, governing load cases, detailing checks status, intermediate results, error and warning messages for any failed checks and clause references.
Proven and trusted for over 30 years.

S-CONCRETE Wall, Column and Beam configurations


Concrete Wall Design

Design and detail walls having Rectangular-shaped, I-shaped, C-shaped, L-shaped and T-shaped sections.

In addition to distributed panel reinforcement, the boundary (zone) concentrated reinforcement can be specified for each of the various sections.

concrete wall design images

Concrete Column Design

Design and detail rectangular or circular columns, with rectangular or circular ties or spiral reinforcement, rectangular or circular holes, and composite columns with steel I-shapes.

S-CONCRETE columns

Concrete Beam Design

Design Rectangular beams, T-beams, L-beams, or Slab bands, with closed or open multi-leg stirrups.

Integrated Solutions

    • S-FRAME Analysis Release 11.1 and later integrates reinforced concrete section design via the Integrated Concrete Design (ICD) option. ICD enables users to build, analyze and edit concrete models, run code checks, perform design group optimizations and automatically generate detailed design reports. Load data is automatically applied to concrete sections after running an analysis. Design and detail the sections within the S-FRAME Analysis Environment.
    • S-CONCRETE Batch Processing Mode performs the design of thousands of concrete beams, columns and walls while performing structural analysis using any 3rd party analysis software.
    • Alternatively copy and paste loading data from any 3rd party application, using the interactive S-CONCRETE design interface. Apply factored loads for walls, columns and beam sections. S-CONCRETE supports Axial (Tension or Compression), Shear and Moment in two directions and Torsion loading.
    • S-CONCRETE Basic is a concrete design and detailing plug-in for Adapt Builder

Easily Define Concrete Sections

Quickly and easily specify concrete section dimensions, concrete and steel reinforcing strengths, concrete cover, reinforcement bar type, units and design codes and reinforcing bar type within a single dialog box.

defining wall loads in S-CONCRETE

Automated Design

Make an initial guess of your section dimensions, reinforcement amounts, and configuration and let S-CONCRETE’s Automated Design tool check and modify your section in an iterative, automatic process that arrives at an optimum configuration for the section, while satisfies design requirements.

Enjoy the power of the Visual Editor to fine-tune your section design.  Main design parameters along with principal code check results are efficiently displayed on a single graphical window for easy reference.  Change and control your design parameters directly in a single window, getting immediate feedback as changes are made.

Steel Reinforcement dialog boxes allow users to select and control easily

  • Vertical and horizontal reinforcement including bar size and count or spacing.
  • Multiple layers of vertical bars in columns or longitudinal bars in beams.
  • Zones of concentrated vertical reinforcement in walls.
  • Tie and stirrup configuration, bars size, spacing, and hook type.
  • Splice type of vertical reinforcement, which is taken into consideration by S-CONCRETE in bar spacing checks.

S-CONCRETE design options

Automatically generate required tie arrangements for column, wall and beam sections.
All of the column designs shown below are automatically generated by simply increasing the vertical bars in the section.

steel reinforcement in concrete beams

Design Codes Supported

  • ACI 318-14, 11, 08, 05, 02
  • CSA A23.3-14, 04
  • EN 1992-1-1:2004  with standard design values
  • EN 1992-1-1:2004  with UK National Annex
  • BS 8110:1997
  • CP 65:1999


S-CONCRETE displays immediate design results in the Visual Editor window, identifying hot-spots (problem areas) so the engineer can efficiently change model parameters within the same window.
Users can control the interactive iterations that check and update the design within the Visual Editor window.

Review Warnings Related to Code Checks

S-CONCRETE comprehensive code checking goes well beyond the strength of the concrete section. In the example shown, the capacity of the section for the applied Axial, Flexure, and Shear forces are well within limits, however, the detailed checks of tie size and tie spacing, as well as clear spacing between bars (at the bar splice location), do not meet the code requirements and thus S-CONCRETE gives a Warning to the user as such. Warning messages are readily identified with citations of the specific Code Clauses as shown at the right.

concrete design report

S-CONCRETE generates and displays axial force versus biaxial moment interaction envelopes, N-M (P-M) diagrams. These envelopes are used to provide information for the relevant checks performed by the program. The diagrams are automatically generated for all applied moment angles, Theta, that are part of the specified load cases, as well as the four right angles of the section, i.e. 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

concrete design N-M diagrams

Once the design is complete, the ability to export the cross section with reinforcing steel to an AutoCAD DXF file showing the actual reinforcement layout, including primary and secondary bars, ties and stirrups, allows for quick and easy incorporation into engineering drawings.

Concrete Design Reports

S-CONCRETE’s comprehensive and customizable report provides details on all code checks performed.
Reports include:

  • Summary of results
  • Section dimensions and reinforcement layout
  • Calculated section properties
  • Calculated design loads
  • Utilization (demand/capacity) ratios
  • Status of checks (not applicable, acceptable, warning, unacceptable)
  • Governing load cases
  • Final results for each code check, as well as intermediate calculated values
  • List of messages for unsatisfactory checks including clause references


S-CONCRETE is available in three Editions plus ICD (Integrated Concrete Design) in S-FRAME Analysis


S-CONCRETE Standard includes all concrete design and detailing features for single sections.

S-CONCRETE Professional includes all capabilities in S-CONCRETE Standard plus

Batch processing mode to analyze and design multiple sections at once and include results a single design output file
Design aids for factored, nominal and probable moment capabilities and overstrength ratios

S-CONCRETE Enterprise includes all capabilities in S-CONCRETE Professional plus

S-CONCRETE Multi-Story Designer for ETABS

ICD (Integrated Concrete Design)

ICD, Integrated Concrete Design, is an add-on design and detailing module for S-FRAME Analysis that performs most s-concrete functions by utilizing the S-CONCRETE design engine. ICD allows the engineer to efficiently model, analyze, design and detail concrete structures or concrete-steel structures within a single model management environment.


S-CONCRETE Standard,  Professional, and ICD licenses are available for single installation, LAN, WAN or GLOBAL WAN network licensing.


System Requirements

  • PC-based: Windows® 10, 8, 7 or Vista
  • Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing


All clients who purchase S-CONCRETE are entitled to annual support and maintenance benefits.

  • Email and telephone client support backed by the industry’s most dedicated and responsive engineering team
  • Access to all new releases
  • Free and discounted training
  • Flexible licensing adaptive for all office installation configurations from standalone installation, local area network to Global Wide Area Licensing

Latest Enhancement and Additions

S-CONCRETE 2019.1.1 release

  • Improvements to Batch-mode Concrete Design
  • Moment Capacities and Overstrength Ratio calculate factored, nominal, and probable values in the y-direction, z-direction, and resultant moment direction for all specified load cases.
  • Automatically generate and save all updated S-CONCRETE SCO files when using the Batch processing mode with the Design option.
  • Improvements to way S-CONCRETE handles older SCO files with discontinued design standards.
  • S-CONCRETE Multistory Designer integration with 3rd party structural analysis software for quickly importing and designing all concrete structural elements from large ETABS® models.