S-CONCRETE Feature List


S-CONCRETE Sections Standard
Rectangular beam sections
L-Beam sections
ColumnsRectangular sections
ColumnsCircular sections
ColumnsComposite columns with structural steel I-Shapes
ColumnsHoles in rectangular and circular column sections
WallsC-Shape sections
WallsT-Shape sections
WallsL-Shape sections
WallsRectangular sections
WallsRectangular sections may have enlarged boundary (end) zones
S-CONCRETE ReinforcementStandard
International range of reinforcing bars
User defined custom reinforcing bars
Automatic generation of tie and stirrup arrangements depending on bar layout
Beams: Up to five layers of top and bottom reinforcement in beams
Beams: Skin reinforcement at beam side faces
Beams: Open and closed multi-leg stirrups in beams
Columns: Multiple layers of longitudinal reinforcement in columns
Columns: Rectangular or circular ties or spiral reinforcement in columns
Walls: Zones of concentrated reinforcement ; one, two, and three directional
S-CONCRETE LoadsStandard
Axial Forces
Biaxial bending moments
Biaxial shear forces
Torsional moments
Sectional and panel loads for walls
S-CONCRETE Design CapabilitiesStandard
Axial force versus biaxial moment interaction envelopes (P-M diagrams)
Slenderness effects by Nominal Stiffness or Nominal Curvature methods
Imperfection effects to EC2 codes
Minimum eccentricity for columns
Simplified and General methods of shear design to CSA codes
Variable strut inclination angle for shear and torsion design to EC2 codes
Longitudinal steel requirements for shear and torsion
Slab band consideration for shear design
Displacement and Stress methods for boundary element design
Seismic shear magnification and overstrength factors to CSA codes
Squat walls design to CSA codes
Moment-Curvature curves
Axial and Flexural checks
Shear and Torsion checks
Interface (sliding) Shear checks for walls
Crack control checks
Crack width checks to EC2 codes
Minimum and maximum steel area and reinforcement ratio checks
Minimum and maximum bar spacing checks
Stirrup and Tie spacing checks
Ductility requirements checks
Boundary element size and confinement checks
Thickness checks for walls
Anchorage checks for walls
Seismic detailing checks
Design aids for factored, nominal, and probable moment capacities and overstrength ratios
S-CONCRETE Design CodesStandard
ACI 318-14, 318-11, 318-08, 318-05, 318-02
CSA A23.3-14, A23.3-04
EN 1992-1-1:2004 with standard design values
EN 1992-1-1:2004 with UK National Annex
BS 8110:1997
CP 65:1999
S-CONCRETE Report GenerationStandard
Company branded Engineering design reports containing input model information and design results
Customize report by optionally including or excluding different report components.
Quantities of concrete and reinforcement
Section Images
Detailed results for each code check
Section properties
Calculated design loads
Intermediate calculated values
Color-flagged code checks status: Acceptable, Warning, Unacceptable, Not Applicable
List of messages for unsatisfactory checks with relevant design code clause references
Design governing load cases
Section utilization ratios (demand-to-capacity ratios)
S-CONCRETE Automation and 3rd Party Software IntegrationStandard
Import loads from S-FRAME Analysis results
Export section with reinforcement layout to AutoCAD DXF file.
Export drawings with numerical results to MS Word.
Batch Processing Mode
Processes large numbers of S-CONCRETE models (.SCO files) in batch mode (the .SCO files must already exist).
Generates various comprehensive reports with numerical and graphical information pertaining to the code check results and reinforcement details for all reinforced concrete columns, beams and walls
Multistory Designer for ETABS
Link with ETABSto import concrete structural element data: column, beam and wall geometry and forces from an ETABS analysis.
Automatically create S-CONCRETE models (.SCO files) corresponding to all columns, beams and walls present in the ETABS model.
Perform preliminary design of an unlimited number of columns, beams and walls through a flexible engineering workflow built on S-CONCRETE’s powerful reinforced concrete design engine.
Generates a comprehensive design report that lists every concrete element's numerical and graphical information pertaining to the code check results and reinforcement details.
Learn more about S-CONCRETE Multistory Designer
S-CONCRETE Design Module PluginApplication
ICD Integrated Concrete Design Module (ICD)S-FRAME Analysis
ICD All geometry material and analysis data are automatically available within S-FRAME Analysis ICD moduleS-FRAME Analysis
ICD Design and Detail
- concrete beams
- continuous concrete beams
- concrete columns
- concrete walls
Export results to professional engineering design reports
S-FRAME Analysis
Design and detail concrete columns and rectangular walls with or without enlarged boundary zones within ADAPT BuilderADAPT Builder
Export results to professional engineering design reportsADAPT Builder