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Continuous Concrete Beam Design and Optimization Solution

Use S-LINE to Analyze, Design and Detail reinforced multi-span continuous beams having different section dimensions and reinforcement layout for each span.

S-LINE’s versatility allows code checking, auto-design and detailing to multiple design codes for a variety of section types.

Design and Detail Interior, Exterior, Simple Span and Cantilever beams for short and long-term deflection, flexure, shear, and torsion throughout the entire beam length.


concrete beam elevation view

Beam Elevation View & Beam Section View

Design and detail a variety of section types

  • T-beams
  • L-beams
  • rectangular beams
  • slab bands

Code checking includes strength and serviceability requirements for short- and long-term (cracked section) deflection estimations.

Quick and easy interactive visual editor. Simply drag section-lines sliders along the beam elevation view to capture the beam section properties anywhere along the beam, change the dimensions, detail the section, or click on hot-spots to change reinforcing bar sizes or spacing.

Graphical output, including capacity envelopes on shear, moment, and torsion diagrams, provides clear, easy-to-read results.


Design Interface

Perform all your work in one simple work-view window.

  • Select the number of spans, design codes, units, rebar types, concrete, and steel reinforcement material properties, all from one simple dialog.
  • Select bar type from standard libraries: American, British, Canadian, Korean, or Singapore reinforcing bars or define custom reinforcing bars.
  • Specify span length, supports, section type (T-beam, L-beam, or rectangular beam) and dimensions for each span of the continuous beam.
  • Select reinforcing style and customize the reinforcement layout.
  • Specify load cases.  S-LINE automatically generates load combinations and pattern loading for the spans.  The user has the option to specify additional load combinations and pattern loading.

S-LINE Analysis Capabilities

S-LINE performs structural analysis on the substructure frame that consists of the continuous beam, its supporting members below, and any connected members above. The supporting and connected members can be rectangular or circular columns, walls, girders or pin supports.

Analysis capabilities include:

  • Bending moments, shear forces and torsional moments at several stations over each span
  • Redistribution of negative moments over supports
  • Moment, shear and torsion capacity envelopes over each span
  • Deflection calculations; short and long-term deflection evaluation
  • Reinforcement anchorage length considerations


S-LINE Loading

Beams can be supported by rectangular columns, circular columns or girders above and below.
Automatically generate pattern loading and load combinations, with the option to perform moment redistributions.
Apply distributed or concentrated vertical and torsional loads on members

S-LINE Results

Quickly view the structural analysis model.

continuous beam design deflections s-line diagram


Immediately view deflection diagrams, bending moment diagrams, shear force diagrams, and torsion diagrams along with loading diagrams for individual spans or all spans as load cases or load combinations are interactively changed.

s-line shear force diagarms



Display moment, shear, and torsion capacity envelopes on top of moment, shear, and torsion diagrams for a quick visual evaluation of results.

s-line results


s-line deflection estimation graph

S-LINE Reports


Both comprehensive and customizable Engineering Reports include not only the results from internal calculations but also to provide the engineer with intermediate equations and clause references to help provide more information for failing sections. Engineering design reports break down results into individual bay/span sections, clearly showing detailed information on all design checks performed.

S-LINE captures the design visually and reports its with enough detail so that you can be confident.

The report includes the following for each span:

  • Summary of results
  • Section dimensions and reinforcement layout
  • Calculated section properties
  • Design loads
  • Utilization (demand/capacity) ratios
  • Status of checks (not applicable, acceptable, warning, unacceptable)
  • Governing load cases
  • Governing section location within a span
  • Final results for each code check as well as intermediate calculated values
  • List of messages for unsatisfactory checks including clause references
s-line continuous beam concrete design report

Building Design Codes

• ACI 318-08,  318-05, 318-02
• CSA A23.3-14, A23.3-04
• BS 8110:1997
• CP 65:1999




S-LINE is available as standalone or multi-seat networked installations. Alternatively, all S-LINE capabilities are available in S-FRAME Analysis through the concrete design module ICD (Integrated Concrete Design). We offer multi-seat and discount licensing bundles for all our software products. Get help selecting the best option for your organization.


System Requirements

Windows 10 (64-bit version) operating system
Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing


All S-LINE licenses sales include Enhancement & Support for the duration of the subscription terms. Enhancement & Support benefits include:

  • Email and telephone client support backed by the industry’s most dedicated and responsive engineering team.
  • Access to all new releases
  • Flexible licensing adaptive for all office installation configurations from standalone installation, local area network to Global Wide Area licensing.

Clients can renew Enhancement and Support on a yearly basis, which entitled to clients to not only phone and email support but product updates and new releases.

Newly Added Capabilities and Enhancements

S-LINE R2020

Continuous beam design to CSA A23.3-14, Design of Concrete Structures. Includes the following features:

  • Rectangular beam, T-beam, and L-beam sections
  • Customization of reinforcement layout
  • Flexural checks
  • Shear and Torsion checks
  • Simplified and General methods of shear design
  • Crack control checks
  • Deflection checks
  • Reinforcement detailing checks