S-PAD Feature List


S-PAD Available Design Input Data 
Effective lengths for member in compression
Unsupported flange lengths for member in bending
Steel grades and strengths
Bending coefficients
Design constraints

S-PAD Design Considerations 
Section classification checks
Individual and combined forces, moments and torsion checks
Slenderness checks

S-PAD Sections 
W Shapes
Hollow structural sections
Double angles

S-PAD Design Codes 
CSA S16-14, S16-09
AISC 360-16 LRFD/ASD, 360-10 LRFD/ASD
EN 1993-1:2005
EN 1993-1:2005/ UK Annex
BS 5950:2000
EN 1993-1:2005/ Singapore Annex
Hong Kong Structural Use of Steel-2011
AS 4100-1998
NZS 3404-1997

S-PAD Design-aid Tools 
Multiple Work Sheets
Up to 20 load scenarios for each Work Sheet
Section bending and compression capacities charts

S-PAD Report Generation 
Customizable, company-branded reports in graphical or tabular format
Each and every design check accompanied by code equation in both symbolic and numeric formats with intermediate design values and clause reference
Reported Utilization Ratios with a Fail flag when exceeding a prescribed design threshold

*S-STEEL, ICD and the video-export option in S-VIEW require additional licensing fees