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Steel Member Design Code Assessment

Use S-PAD to quickly code check a structural steel column, beam or brace without modeling the entire structure. Simply input design loads and effective lengths of the steel member then run a quick check in seconds, or even better, run an auto-design to identify the optimum section.

S-PAD includes advanced code checking capabilities as well as auto-design to the same steel design codes supported by S-STEEL, for both strength and serviceability. This standalone application employs a simple spreadsheet-like interface that delivers powerful steel-design and code check capabilities.

Design Interface

S-PAD uses a simple, intuitive spreadsheet layout that allows up to 20 design cases to be evaluated simultaneously.
Member definition input can be copied in from CSV files.
Input files can be saved and can contain multiple worksheets each with up to 20 design cases.

Easily view detailed design calculations for all section shapes.

Support for American, Canadian, British, European and other international section sizes.

Design Results

S-PAD features exactly the same comprehensive design output as S-STEEL as well as the same set of design constraints giving the engineer full control of all design parameters.
Quickly and easily input strength and stability design forces, effective lengths in compression and unsupported lengths in bending steel elements (beam, column or brace) and run a quick code check.

Auto-design steel members to help identify an optimum section according to:

  • Least weight
  • cost
  • depth and surface area

Steel member auto-design generates a sorted list of adequate sections to identify optimum sections easily. Detailed design calculations can be viewed for all sections.
Code relaxation option is available for more conservative designs.

steel member design criteria and results

Steel Design Codes


  • CSA-S16-2014
  • CSA-S16-2009


  • ASCE 10-15 (coming soon)
  • AISC 360-16 LRFD/ASD
  • AISC 360-10 LRFD/ASD
  • AISC 360-05 LRFD/ASD


  • EN 1993-1:2005
  • EN 1993-1:2005/ UK Annex
  • BS 5950:2000

Additional Regions

  • EN 1993-1:2005/ Singapore Annex
  • Hong Kong Steel 2005 & 2011
  • AS 4100-1998
  • NZS 3404:1997


S-PAD is sold as a standalone application and comes freely available in S-STEEL, known as Scratch-Pad

Licenses are available as single installation and LAN, WAN or GLOBAL WAN network licensing.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (64-bit version) operating system
  • Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing


Clients who purchase S-PAD are entitled to annual support and maintenance benefits.

  • Email and telephone client support backed by the industry’s most dedicated and responsive engineering team.
  • Access to all new releases
  • Free and discounted training
  • Flexible licensing adaptive for all office installation configurations from standalone installation, local area network to Global Wide Area Licencing.