S-TIMBER Feature List

S-TIMBER Modeling Features and Structural ComponentsStandard
Timber Material Modeling and Timber Section Database
Single and Built-Up Dimension Lumber
Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam)
Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
Shearwall and Stud Wall
Floor Joist Diaphragm System
S-TIMBER Analysis CapabilitiesStandard
Analyze structures having Timber, Concrete and Steel members using the builtin S-FRAME FEASolver engine
Automated, advanced model meshing and model management
Linear Static Analysis
S-TIMBER Design FeaturesStandard
Dimension Lumber Design
Glulam Beam and Column Design
CLT Panel Design
Shearwall Design
Timber Diaphragm Design
Detailed Design Data Breakdown for comprehensive Reporting
S-TIMBER User Interface, Model Management and Result FeaturesStandard
Animation-Enabled Graphical Result Window
Member Force, Stress and Deflection Diagrams
Panel Force, Stress and Deflection Contours
Advanced graphical tools and spreadsheets supporting sorting, filtering, ordering and selecting
Result Spreadsheets
Open API and Integrated Python Scripting Environment
Multi-Window and Multi-Monitor Support
S-TIMBER Model Exchange CapabilitiesStandard
Import S-FRAME Analysis models into S-TIMBER for analysis and design
Export models into S-FRAME Analysis for advanced analysis
Import from Excel® or CSV file formats
Import from Revit® or CSV file formats
Import from Revit® with Revitl® Link to pre-visualize the model before importing
Export Model and Project Information to Excel®
Export Analysis Results, Code-Check Results and Member Diagrams to Excel®
S-TIMBER Design CodesStandard
CSA O86-14