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 S-TIMBER CapabilitiesProfessional
CategoryS-TIMBER Structural Components
Structural ComponentsSingle and Built-Up Sawn Lumber
Structural ComponentsGlued-Laminated Timber (Glulam)
Structural ComponentsCross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
Structural ComponentsShearwalls and Stud Walls
Structural ComponentsFloor Joist Diaphragm Systems
Structural ComponentsWall and Floor Panels
Structural ComponentsCurved Members
Structural ComponentsSteel and Concrete components
CategoryS-TIMBER Code-Check and Design CapabilitiesProfessional
Code-check and DesignView code-check results to any level of detail including intermediate design factors and parameters for calculation of capacities for easy reporting
Code-check and DesignDirect references to CSA code clauses for easy reporting
Code-check and DesignWarning and diagnostic messages with respect to CSA code provisions
Code-check and DesignStrength and serviceability checks
Code-check and DesignCode-check non-rectangular cross-sections with custom capacities
Code-check and DesignExport design results to customized PDF design report
CategorySawn Lumber design code checks Professional Enterprise
Sawn Lumber DesignAxial Compression and Tension
Sawn Lumber DesignCompression at Angle
Sawn Lumber DesignBending
Sawn Lumber DesignCombined Bending and Axial
Sawn Lumber DesignTwo-Way Bending
Sawn Lumber DesignShear
Sawn Lumber DesignFracture Shear
Sawn Lumber DesignBearing
Sawn Lumber DesignBearing at Support
Sawn Lumber DesignDeflection
CategoryGlulam (Glued-Laminated Timber) design code checks Professional Enterprise
Glulam DesignAxial Compression and Tension
Glulam DesignCompression at Angle
Glulam DesignBending
Glulam DesignCombined Bending and Axial
Glulam DesignTwo-Way Bending
Glulam DesignShear
Glulam DesignTotal Shear (from external loads)
Glulam DesignFracture Shear
Glulam DesignBearing
Glulam DesignBearing at Support
Glulam DesignDeflection
CategoryCLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) design code checksProfessionalEnterprise
CLT DesignAxial Compression
CLT DesignBending
CLT DesignShear
CLT DesignDeflection
CategoryS-TIMBER Analysis CapabilitiesProfessional
Structural Analysis3D Structural Analysis of Timber Structures using the proven S-FRAME FEASolverengine
Structural AnalysisPerform multiple analyses on a single model
Structural AnalysisLinear Static analysis
Structural AnalysisSupport for isotropic and orthotropic (transverse isotropic) materials
Structural AnalysisUnstressed Vibration analysis
Structural AnalysisP-Delta Stressed Vibration analysis
Structural Analysis
P-Delta Static analysis
Structural AnalysisNonlinear Stressed Vibration analysis
Structural AnalysisNonlinear Static analysis
Structural AnalysisAnalyze 3D Hybrid structures: Mixed timber, concrete and steel structures with option to define additional user materials
Structural AnalysisAdjustable dominant mode criterion, nonlinear criteria and vibration methods and parameters
CategoryS-TIMBER Modeling CapabilitiesProfessional
Modeling CapabilitiesModel structures from Sawn Lumber, Glulam and CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)
Modeling CapabilitiesEasy replication of stories, floors, walls and any other structural member
Modeling CapabilitiesGeneration of regular framework of beams and columns for fast modeling
Modeling CapabilitiesConsideration of wet and dry service conditions
Modeling CapabilitiesConsideration of timber treatment
Modeling CapabilitiesConsideration of load sharing case: Single member, Case 1 and Case 2
Modeling CapabilitiesPlace notches on any timber member surface to automatically consider cross-sectional area reduction for timber code-checks
Modeling CapabilitiesAuto-generation of bearing areas from framing members for orthogonal members or members placed at an angle
Modeling CapabilitiesAuto-generation of offsets and alignments considering full and clear span, with the option to be edited by the user
Modeling CapabilitiesModel orthotropic (transverse isotropic) materials for panel objects
Modeling CapabilitiesPlace bore holes at any location and in any direction along the member length
Modeling CapabilitiesDefine Pre-Stress in structural components
Modeling Capabilities
Tension-Only Members and Cables
Modeling CapabilitiesModel structures from Timber and Non-Timber materials
CategoryTimber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm Modeling CapabilitiesProfessionalEnterprise
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingParametric generation of shearwalls, stud walls and joist diaphragms
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingParametric modeling of any number of openings with any shape (doors, windows and wide windows)
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingDefine single-sided or double-sided shearwalls with plywood or OSB sheathings
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingDefine stud/joist spacing by center-to-center, clear and uniform distances, or with user-defined spacing
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingDefine blockings with options for in-line, staggered and alternating arrangement with adjustable spacing
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingDefine sheathing-to-framing fasteners at panel edges and intermediate studs
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingDefine section, material and orientation of studs/joists, chords/struts, headers, sills and trimmers
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingCode-check of stud walls and joist diaphragms as a whole for in-plane shear and overturning moment
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingCode-check of individual framing members of the wall or floor system
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingAutomatic calculation of load sharing case of framing members in Wall and Floor Systems, with respect to stud spacing, fastener spacing, and sheathing thickness
Timber Shearwall and Joist Diaphragm ModelingConsideration of moisture content for fastener capacity calculation
CategoryWall and Floor Modeling CapabilitiesProfessionalEnterprise
Wall and Floor Modeling Model CLT walls and floors with rectangular or any-shaped polygon
Wall and Floor ModelingModel openings in CLT walls and floors
Wall and Floor ModelingDefine CLT by lumber layers, lumber properties or capacities
Wall and Floor ModelingAutomatic calculation of CLT section properties, including Effective Bending Stiffness and Effective Shear Rigidity
Wall and Floor ModelingConsideration of pre-fabricated panel sizes for easy modeling and code-checking
Wall and Floor ModelingSpecify effective lengths for compression capacity of CLT in longitudinal and transverse directions
Wall and Floor ModelingAutomatic generation of panel Strip Integration Lines for CLT demands based on panel coordinate system
Wall and Floor ModelingModel Concrete slabs, floors and walls
Wall and Floor ModelingNon-timber wall and floor panels: Steel/Concrete/User-Material
CategoryCurved Beam Modeling CapabilitiesProfessionalEnterprise
Curved Beam ModelingModel arc timber beams having any radius, angle and orientation in 3D space
Curved Beam ModelingModel smooth or discretized curved beams
Curved Beam ModelingGlulam curved beam design parameters are automatically generated
Curved Beam ModelingModel non-timber curved members: Steel, Concrete, or other User-defined material
CategorySpring Modeling CapabilitiesProfessionalEnterprise
Spring Modeling Modeling support for base isolators, dashpots and viscous dampers, linear elastic springs
Spring Modeling Modeling support for nonlinear elastic springs with the option to input user force-displacement relation
CategoryS-TIMBER Design CodesProfessional
Design CodesCSA O86-14
CategoryS-TIMBER Material DatabasesProfessional
CSA Material DatabaseCSA Material Databases
CSA Material DatabaseSawn Lumber
CSA Material DatabaseGlulam
CSA Material DatabaseCLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) V and E grades
CSA Material DatabasePlywood
Material DatabaseOSB (Oriented-Strand Board)
Material DatabaseStructurlam Crosslam CLT
Material DatabaseOption to create and save user-defined materials
Material DatabaseCustom timber material properties and capacities
Material DatabaseCustom non-timber (steel/concrete/etc) material properties and capacities
CategoryS-TIMBER Section DatabasesProfessional
CSA Section DatabaseCSA Section Databases
CSA Section DatabaseSawn Lumber
CSA Section DatabaseGlulam
CSA Section DatabaseCLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)
Section DatabaseOption to create and save user-defined sections
Section DatabaseSteel Section Database AISC and CISC
Section DatabaseParametric Section Database
CategoryS-TIMBER Fastener DatabasesProfessional
Fastener DatabaseCSA nail and spike fastener database
Fastener DatabaseOption to create and save user-defined nails and spikes
CategoryS-TIMBER Load Definition CapabilitiesProfessional
LoadingDefine Joint point loads, member point loads, member line loads and panel area loads
LoadingDefine loads in Global, Local and Global projected coordinate systems for force, moment and torsion
LoadingDefine load cases and load combinations that can be run against strength and serviceability code-checks
LoadingAutomatic generation of load combinations based on NBCC
LoadingDefine short-term, standard-term and long-term load durations
LoadingSpecify maximum deflection limit using member span ratio or user-input absolute maximum deflection
CategoryS-TIMBER Results and Post-Processing CapabilitiesProfessional
ResultsColor-coded model showing all resulting design code utilizations
ResultsMember Diagrams and Graphs showing deflections, forces and stresses
ResultsPanel Contours showing deflections, forces, and stresses
ResultsStrip Line Diagrams and Graphs for deflections, forces, and stresses
ResultsAnimated model deflection results
ResultsTabulated results display for easier and powerful data handling, for one or many members at a time
ResultsMaterial take-off for quantities, weights and costs by length and area
ResultsConcrete volume, weight and cost
CategoryS-TIMBER User Interface and Model ManagementProfessional
User InterfaceCustomize work environment window views including support for multi-monitor layouts.
User InterfaceEasily alternate between model views to show pertinent data: Object (real world), Framing, Finite Element, Physical Element and Result views
User InterfaceDefine folders with adjustable rules for better model management, with support of property rules, location rules and logic rules
User InterfaceSmart visual labels and legends, with the option to customize them
User InterfaceUnit Systems: Support of Metric and Imperial Units with option to define user units.
CategoryMeshing and FEA Model ManagementProfessionalEnterprise
FEA ModelAutomatic finite element model creation and management, accounting for intersecting members and panels
FEA ModelOption to manually modify finite element model
FEA ModelTriangular and Quadrilateral shell elements
FEA ModelShell, Plate and Membrane shell element types
CategoryS-TIMBER Automation CapabilitiesProfessional
AutomationUnlimited customization potential: Add your own feature functionality to S-TIMBER
AutomationAutomate the creation of any object (joints, panels, loads, members, analysis, springs ,material,…)
AutomationAutomate running of any analysis and or code check
AutomationAutomate your design based on analysis and/or code check results
AutomationSave and Export user actions and processes to create custom Wizards that can be reused by colleagues throughout an organization
AutomationOpen API and Integrated Python Scripting Environment with extensive function libraries
CategoryS-TIMBER Model Exchange CapabilitiesProfessional
Data TransferRevit®   Import and Export of model geometry and material properties
Data TransferETABS®   Import model geometry and material properties

Data TransferDXF file format: Import geometry data
Data TransferSTAAD®   Import model geometry and material properties
Data TransferExcel®   Export model data, project Information, analysis results and code-check and design data to Excel formatted files