Structural Modeling, Analysis and Timber Design: The Solution to Mass Timber, Light-Frame and Hybrid Structures

Use S-TIMBER to model and analyze mass timber and hybrid timber structures (Timber-Concrete-Steel models).

Run a performance assessment on any timber design.

  • Dimension Lumber
  • Glued-Laminated Timber (Glulam)
  • Cross-Laminated timber (CLT)
  • Timber Shearwalls
  • Timber Diaphragms systems

S-TIMBER includes numerous automation features for fast model creation, automatic FEA mesh management, automatic section property and material property calculations, and linear or non-linear structural analysis.

Automate and customize virtually any S-TIMBER feature to optimize your productivity.

Analysis and Design

Perform 3D linear static, nonlinear static, or vibration analysis of hybrid timber structures.

Code-check and design Sawn Lumber, Glulam and CLT members with consideration for notches, bearing areas and boreholes, material take-off and cost.

S-TIMBER utilizes proven S-FRAME FEASolver™ technology trusted by engineers for over 36 years.

10-Storey Timber Building Design Time Lapse

Shearwalls, Stud Walls and Joist Diaphragm Systems

Model wall and floor systems with easy-to-use timber systems creation. The modeling environment provides full control over timber properties and details of wall or floor systems, including the material and species, joist or stud spacing and section properties.

S-TIMBER’s shearwall and diaphragm tools support openings, plywood and OSB sheathings, and a fully customizable sheathing-to-framing fasteners database.

Shearwalls and diaphragms can be code-checked against shear and overturning moment.
Individual studs or joists can be chosen to be code-checked against member demands.

curved timber beams
curved timber beam design


Curved Beams and Structural Members

Model, analyze and design curved timber beams having any angle and radius, and any orientation in 3D space. Curved beams can be modeled with smooth or discrete subdivisions.

Automatic Section and Material Property Calculations

Automatically calculate section and material properties based on nominal dimensions, number of plies/layers, grades, timber condition and treatment for Parametric Sawn lumber, Glulam and CLT sections.

Define custom sections and materials to allow for non-standard sizes and capacities.

Optional S-CALC™ integration for advanced complex or multi-material sections.

S-TIMBER Model Management

Model Views

Work efficiently with large and small models by organizing the model objects (beams, columns, walls, and floors) into custom folders.

Easily define data filters to isolate areas of interest and hide, show or select objects.

User-defined color-coded properties help to quickly visualize different model components, (especially useful for large models).

Quickly alternate between different model views: Object View (real world), Framing View, FE Analysis Model View, or Result Views.
timber structural models and timber design results in S-TIMBER

Automatic FEA Model Creation and Management

S-TIMBER automatically generates and manages the underlying finite element analysis (FEA) model, including panel meshes, panel strip lines, and member physical and rigid offsets.

Advanced, controllable meshing algorithms take into account framing and internal joints/members/panels, non-coplanar panel intersections, member clear/full spans and, panel coordinate systems, while still giving the user complete control over the mesh design.

Member bearing areas and effective lengths are automatically generated from framing members.

S-TIMBER Customization and Automation

  • Fast replication of stories, floors, walls or any other structural member.
  • Generate regular framework of beams and columns for efficient modeling.
  • Automate any analysis or code check operation.

S-TIMBER offers unsurpassed and unlimited user-customization potential.

Add your own feature functionality to S-TIMBER by recording, modifying and saving actions into custom S-TIMBER Wizards. Every object, property, and operation in S-TIMBER is available to automate and customize. Saved custom Wizards can be shared and reused throughout an organization, expanding core functionality and increasing efficiency.

S-TIMBER Results

timber design stress contours

Graphical Results

Visualize and animate the model results, including:

  • Color-coded members showing utilization ratios
  • Forces
  • Moments and stresses with member diagrams
  • Strip line diagrams
  • Panel contours showing deflections, forces, and stresses
  • Animated model deflections

Quickly visualize code check utilizations and view diagrams for all, one, or selected groups of members/strip lines.

Tabular Results

Tabulated analysis and design results allow filtering and sorting for one or multiple model members.

View code-check results to any level of detail including intermediate design factors and parameters for capacity calculations.

View direct diagnostic messages and references to design code clauses.

List material take-off for quantities, weights and costs by length and area.

List concrete volumes, weight and cost.

Export all model data plus analysis and design results to Excel™ formatted files. Exported results include geometry, design results, material quantities, member diagrams, and strip line diagrams.

S-TIMBER Import/Export and 3rd Party Integration

Import and Export model data to and from S-FRAME Analysis.

Transfer model geometry and material properties to and from Revit®, ETABS®, and STAAD® models.

Export all information to Excel® files including the structure’s model data, analysis and design results,
material quantities, member diagrams, and strip line diagrams.

Timber Design Codes

  • CSA O86-14

Sawn lumber Code Checks

  • Axial Compression and Tension
  • Bending
  • Combined Bending and Axial
  • Bearing
  • Bearing at Support
  • Compressive Resistance at Angle
  • Shear
  • Fracture Shear
  • Two Way Bending
  • Deflection

Glulam Code Checks

  • Axial Compression and Tension
  • Bending
  • Combined Bending and Axial
  • Bearing
  • Bearing at Support
  • Compressive Resistance at Angle
  • Fracture Shear
  • Shear
  • Total Shear (from external loads)
  • Two Way Bending
  • Deflection

CLT Code Checks

  • Axial Compression
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Deflection

How to Purchase S-TIMBER

S-TIMBER is sold in three different editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

The primary differences between these editions are their analysis and design capabilities.


S-TIMBER licenses are available as standalone or multi-seat networked installations, with a subscription or paid-up option. We offer multi-seat and discount licensing bundles for all our software products. Get help selecting the best option for your organization

S-TIMBER System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (64-bit version) operating system
  • Min 2 GB RAM, Recommended 4 GB or more
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card – Must support hardware vertex processing


S-FRAME Software has been in the business of developing and supporting structural analysis and design solutions for over 30 years. Clients who purchase S-TIMBER are entitled to annual support and maintenance benefits.

  • Email and telephone client support backed by the industry’s most dedicated and responsive engineering team
  • Access to all new releases
  • Free training
  • Flexible licensing for all installation configurations: Standalone, Local Area Network and Global Wide Area licensing

Newly Added Capabilities and Enhancements

S-TIMBER R2020.2.3

Support for orthotropic materials

Improved Model Integrity Checks

Enhanced Graphical and Numerical Analysis Results for
P-Delta Static Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis
Unstressed Vibration Analysis
P-Delta Stressed Vibration Analysis
Nonlinear Stressed Vibration Analysis

Customizable timber design reports in pdf format that include clause references,  equations, and pass/fail design status for Design Results

Faster  performance and analysis run-time speed

S-TIMBER R2019.3.3

Design Non-Rectangular Cross-Sections
Code check timber members having non-rectangular cross-sections (e.g., circular) by assigning custom capacities to the member.

Improved Curved Member Analysis Results
View force and moment diagrams for curved members along the length of the curve, as an assembly of curve segments.

Improved Analysis Results Views for Non-Timber Elements
See forces and moments for concrete slabs and walls, as well as panels with timber and non-timber materials. View results as contour diagrams and strip line results.

Improved Warning Messages for Design Results
Get clearer warning messages for your design and analysis, as well as hints for fixing potential code check errors.

Automatic Density Calculation for Timber Elements
S-TIMBER now suggests density values for timber materials based on CSA O86-14. The density can be adjusted, if required.

Improved Panel Deflection Code Check Criteria
Define the panel deflection limit as a ratio of panel dimensions, as well as setting an absolute maximum limit.

Faster Load Replication
Copy loads associated with members, panels, walls, floors and curved members, using the Copy wizard.

S-TIMBER R2019.1.8

Multi-Material Analysis
Model and analyze hybrid timber structures. In addition to timber structural components, include columns, walls, beams, and floors modeled with steel, concrete or even other user-defined materials.

Curved Members
Model and analyze curved timber members. Code-check curved members against the Canadian wood design code, CSA O86-14. See force and moment diagrams for curved members along the length of the curve, as an assembly of curve segments.

Faster Multi-Story Modeling
Efficiently replicate floors to quickly model multi-story structures. Easily copy members, panels and other objects within the model.

Bore Holes
Add bore holes to timber members at any location and in any direction along the length of a member.

Steel Section Databases
CISC and AISC section databases are included.

New Analysis Capabilities
Vibration Analysis
P-Delta Stressed Vibration
P-Delta Static Analysis
Nonlinear Static Analysis
Nonlinear Stressed Vibration

New Element Type Support
Linear Springs
Nonlinear Springs
Tension-Only Members and Cables