Learning Resources

Users have multiple options for finding learning resources for all S-FRAME Software products.

Product Help Resources

All of our software products come with several user help resources.   Each product’s Help system, contains a wealth of easily searchable details on each aspect of the product that can help explain feature functionality.  In addition, online product help resources include Quick-Start tutorials, white papers (technical papers), verification manuals, theoretical manuals, and tutorial videos that explain various features, and functionality.

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Technical Webinars

Technical Webinars are offered throughout the year, these 30 to 45 minute webinars focus on specific how-to topics. Webinars are free of charge.  The best way to hear about upcoming webinars is to register with our email list.


Training Classes

The fastest way to learn how to use our products is to attend our Online Training. Classes range from introductory to advanced topics. Training classes span from 1 to 5 days, and cover both foundational and advanced structural engineering topics as well as program feature functionality. Classes are offered online with instructor feedback and assistance.


YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the S-FRAME Software YouTube Channel to learn more about specific products and features.