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Steel Structures: Modeling, Analysis and DesignOn DemandS-FRAME, S-STEEL
Steel Design
Join us for a presentation of how to create, load, analyze and design a steel structure. Using S-FRAME and S-STEEL (integrated steel design), we’ll preform the steps needed to generate comprehensive and transparent steel design engineering reports.
Topics Covered:

  • Building a steel structure in S-FRAME Analysis
  • Running an analysis and performance assessment
  • Steel section design and optimization
  • Generate a engineering steel design report

This webinar concludes with a short Q+A session open to all participants.

steel design

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S-CONCRETE Multistory Designer - concrete design & detailing for ETABS® modelsOn DemandMultiStory Designer
concrete design and detailing
S-CONCRETE MultiStory Designer can vastly improve your concrete design and detailing efficiently for large multi-story structures. Watch an example showing how to:

  • Quickly import all imported ETABS® concrete structural elements through a flexible engineering workflow powered by the proven S-CONCRETE design engine.​
  • Design concrete structural elements efficiently using batch reinforcement definitions and preliminary code checks, as Multistory Designer automatically creates S-CONCRETE files for every section.​
  • Show how to design individual sections or design user-defined groups containing structural elements across an entire floor plan or multiple stories.
  • Generate a comprehensive engineering report that lists each section’s numerical and graphical data for section force and detailing code-checks. Multistory Designer flags the code-check status, helping to identify problem sections in the model quickly, and just like S-CONCRETE Standard, details the design results with clause references and equations employed.
MultiStory Designer for ETABS model concrete design

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Using S-FRAME Software's NBCC 2015 Seismic Design Examples guideOn DemandNBCC 2015 Seismic Design ON DEMAND
This presentation explains how you can use S-FRAME to run static and dynamic analysis according to NBCC 2015 provisions, benefit from S-FRAME’s automatic design process and improve your working efficiency. Our examples focus on a low-rise structure with rigid diaphragms, exposed to seismic loading, and evaluate the different Seismic Force Resisting Systems. Topics include:

  • Structure description and site details for our example models.
  • Static and dynamic analysis processes, applying code-required ESFP and RSA respectively.
  • Use of braced frame for our seismic force resisting system.
  • Use of moment-resisting frame for our seismic force resisting system.
  • Use of shear wall for seismic force resisting system

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