2021 Class Schedule

Training Class2020 DatesTimeOnline
Timber DesignJan. 2110:00 am - 12:00 noon
Pacific Time
2MoreTimber Analysis and Design is an introductory class for S-TIMBER. Learn how to model, analyze, and design timber structures. Topics include an overview of the S-TIMBER interface and settings, how to define materials and sections, how to model Sawn Lumber, Glulam, and CLT members, and how to model timber systems such as stud shear walls and joist diaphragms. Participants gain experience running an analysis, code checking, and interpreting the design results. By the end of this class, participants should have enough familiarity with S-TIMBER to use the software productively.
Finite Element Analysis Applications Feb. 8 - 1210:00 am - 12:00 noon
Pacific Time

Finite Element Analysis Applications

Learn how to define and mesh complex geometries in arbitrary 3D orientations how to correctly load them, understand the difference a high-quality mesh can make and how to quickly generate one using S-FRAME's powerful auto-meshers. Become more confident in matters relating to solution convergence and result validation using S-VIEW. Learn how to apply hydrostatic loading or soil pressure to structures, how to accurately connect members to shells, and how to use S-FRAME's wall integration lines to design reinforced concrete shear walls using S-CONCRETE.
Foundation Analysis, Design and Detailing Feb. 23 - 2510:00 am - 12:00 noon
Pacific Time

Foundation Analysis, Design, and Detailing with S-FOUNDATION

Foundation Analysis, Design and Detailing with S-FOUNDATION covers all topics required for the engineer to put S-FOUNDATION to use. We explain how to create foundation models: define pads, pedestals and piles, model various footing types, and import an S-FRAME Analysis superstructure model. Learn how to organize the foundation model with legends and folders, code-check the foundations using the rigid or flexible method, and generate design reports. We also cover how to use Toolbox Extensions to extend S-FOUNDATION's core functionality and include a brief introduction to creating and customizing Wizard scripts.


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About structural analysis and design training classes

S-FRAME Software training classes are delivered in short, focused online sessions, making it convenient for the practicing civil/structural/environmental engineer to attend without the need to travel.

Our training classes are designed so that participants not only learn but are also tested and certified, along with receiving Professional Development Hours for their efforts. Participants are provided with training materials, hands-on practice assignments, and an exam.

The curriculum has applicability for the practicing engineer, as well as new engineers and engineering students who increasingly find companies are looking for structural engineering modeling and simulation knowledge using S-FRAME Software products.